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No matter the role, above all, The Weist Law Firm is recognized industry-wide as a expert practitioner in all forms of governmental bonds, including revenue bonds, mello-roos CFD bonds, several variations of “pooled” JPA bonds, assessment district bonds, certificates of participation, installment sale obligations, capital appreciation bonds, general obligation bonds, leases and lease-purchase contracts, refunding bonds and notes, private placement bonds, line-of-credit loans, miscellaneous variations of swap contracts, tax allocation bonds, variable rate and auction rate securities, derivative securities, reinvestment contracts, and various forms of bond, grant, revenue and tax anticipation notes, and many other types of securities.

We have developed an expertise in joint powers authority pooled financings, lease and installment sale financings, successor agency refinancings, special assessment financings, tax capture financings, private activity bonds, special districts formations, USDA financings, urban redevelopment projects, impact fee legislation, municipal utility district formations, capital recovery charge programs and numerous other value-added services focusing on public improvement projects.

Depending on our role as either bond counsel, disclosure counsel, underwriter’s counsel or trustees counsel, we either draft or review all necessary resolutions, documents and legal opinions required to structure, issue and sell the municipal bonds undertaken by our clients. We provide the appropriate legal, tax and disclosure advice and act as liaison between the issuer, financial advisor, underwriter, trustee and bondholder. We leave no stone unturned. This allows us to develop strategies that accommodate the desires of the issuer, while at the same time accounting for market sensitivities and investment concerns that could potentially affect the success of an offering.

We bring immense experience from various disciplines to serve the increasingly sophisticated financial needs of our clients. We also offer our public finance clients unparalleled technological tools, such as dedicated web sites that include client alerts to stay ahead of the financial and political environment, encrypted deal tracking, electronic repositories, and password-protected portal access to our research data bases.

We would love to hear from you about the intricacies of your proposed capital improvement project. You can call us at 831-438-7900 or contact us online.

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