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California Public Finance Lawyers

The Weist Law Firm has established an outstanding reputation in municipal bond and securities law, having advised clients on over $9 billion in transactions. Our public finance practice is bolstered by our experience in federal and California securities laws matters, including exemptions from applicable statutes, disclosure requirements and the anti-fraud provisions of Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. We are also experienced with the "continuing disclosure" requirements under Rule 15c2-12 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and with the “Prop 218” requirements relating to fee and rate adjustments.

Our law firm is capable of functioning in several different capacities when working with clients on municpal bond transactions. Our most frequent roles are highlighted below:

  • Bond Counsel: The Weist Law Firm has served as bond counsel to numerous issuers of municipal bonds, including state agencies, counties, cities, schools, colleges, special districts and various other municipal corporations. As bond counsel, the firm supervises the authorization by issuers of bond issues, drafts appropriate legal and disclosure documents for prospective investors, performs all requisite tax analysis, and drafts and negotiates the indentures and agreements needed to implement complex financing structures. The matters we handle for our bond counsel clients range from small, privately-placed bonds to large publicly-traded issues, sold both competitively and by negotiation. We are particularly adept at implementing a wide range of financing techniques, including Build America Bonds, Tax Credit Bonds, pooled financings, synthetic reserve fund structures, variable-rate debt, line-of-credit structures, interest rate swaps, credit enhancement procurements and assorted refinancing techniques.
  • Disclosure Counsel: The Weist Law Firm often represents government clients with their disclosure counsel needs. As disclosure counsel we scrutinize and synthesize all materials produced by the client and the financing team, then use such information to prepare the official statement or offering memorandum; documenting all aspects of the capital improvement project and the financing transaction. We conclude our engagement with the issuance of the necessary SEC 10(b)(5) antifraud opinion.
  • Underwriter’s Counsel: As underwriter's counsel we guide and protect the investment banking institution at each critical juncture, including the structuring, purchasing, and re-selling of the municipal securities to its retail and institutional clients.
  • Trustee and Bank Counsel: The Weist Law Firm acts as counsel to trustee banks. We issue an opinion that confirms that they are operating in compliance with the terms of the indenture or trust agreement.

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