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Tax Allocation Refunding Bonds

At Weist Law, we handle the structuring and issuance of refunding bonds for redevelopment agencies (now Successor Agencies), acting as bond counsel and disclosure counsel for Successor Agencies throughout California. When serving as Bond Counsel for Successor Agencies, we use our invaluable experience with California Department of Finance (DOF) and our immense knowledge of public financing to support the refunding transaction from the initial conception all the way through the placement and delivery of the refunding bonds.

The Weist Law Firm is proud to be one of the first law firms to offer counsel relating to the refunding of tax allocation bonds in the "post-dissolution era" requiring approval and cooperation from DOF. We have devised a "dual-track" approach to the refunding process that ensures that the Successor Agency will achieve the lowest cost financing cost possible at the time of issuance--which is legally mandated by AB 1484 and the codification thereof.

We provide California Successor Agencies with unsurpassed value and creativity in transactions that call for the refunding of tax allocation bonds. We draft all necessary documents and resolutions required for DOF and Oversight Board approval, and then to hold meetings of both the Successor Agency and the Oversight Board to receive the authorization needed to move forward with the DOF, ultimately concluding with the issuance of the Refunding Bonds, thereby creating saving to the general funds of all municipalities (within the corresponding county) which share in property tax revenues.

If your Successor Agency is considering a refunding of your outstanding Tax Allocation Bonds, contact us online or call our Los Gatos, California, law office at 831-438-7900 to learn what a highly experienced bond lawyer can do to help.

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