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Disclosure Counsel Serving Municipalities

If the bond counsel is sometimes seen as the quarterback of a public financing transaction, the disclosure counsel is then the coach. The independent disclosure counsel oversees the work of the bond counsel, the financing consultants and other professionals involved in public financings. The result of this oversight and due diligence is brought forth in the precision form of a fully disclosed official statement or offering memorandum.

Experience, Persistence and Teamwork

At The Weist Law Firm based in the Bay Area region of California, we have been serving as disclosure counsel to public entities such as cities, counties, water agencies, sanitary districts, redevelopment agencies (now successor agencies), joint powers authorities and other such municipalities for the past two decades. We know the questions to ask, the documentation to submit and the importance of working with all other parties involved in a municipal public improvement financing project. Teamwork and tenacity have allowed us to identify mistakes and problems that could otherwise derail a public offering if not caught and corrected.

Typical Duties of a Disclosure Counsel

As disclosure counsel, The Weist Law Firm typically:

  • Prepares the official statement or other offering memorandum disclosing all information pertinent to a potential bond investor
  • Drafts the necessary SEC 10(b)(5) antifraud opinion
  • Identifies potential changes and incorporates them into the official statement
  • Reviews all documentation prepared by the issuer, bond counsel, underwriter and financial advisor
  • Assists with the issuance and sale of bonds
  • Reviews and reports on all applicable law
  • Participates in informational meetings with ratepayers, developers, and other such project stakeholders
  • Ensures that all IRS, SEC, MSRB and other such regulatory agency requirements are met
  • Works with public entity’s manager and chief financial officer on all matters related to the public offering

Whether for a new school campus, a new city hall or for an expansion of an existing water or wastewater treatment facility, public offerings overseen by The Weist Law Firm have been accurately disclosed, trouble-free and have achieved the goals desired by our public entity clients.

If your special district or municipality is seeking the services of skilled disclosure counsel, contact us online or call our California-based law office at 831-438-7900 to learn more.

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