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Public Infrastructure Improvement Projects

The Weist Law Firm continues its active involvement with the pioneering implementation of Federal Stimulus Programs as well as Private Placement innovation, and have extensive experience with correlated project implementation and financing. The Weist Law Firm helps develop creative financing structures for all types of public and quasi-public infrastructure needs. These successful financing strategies have been used to finance such public infrastructure capital improvement projects and programs as:

  • Tax Credit financed facilities: Refers to a new category of hybrid tax credit obligations which can be used to finance the public infrastructure capital improvement projects set forth below.
  • Line of Credit Financings: WeistLaw has successfully structured a first-of-its-kind tax-exempt, fixed-rate line of credit facility for project design and implementation. This has allowed our clients tremendous flexibility in managing all aspects of a public improvement project, while achieving the public interest goal of keeping financing costs to a minimum, while preparing for USDA and/or SRF exit strategies.
  • Correctional facilities: State, county and private jails and prisons.
  • Energy and power: Power generation, transmission and distribution facilities, including fossil fuel fired and alternative fuel fired electric generating facilities, alternative energy facilities and waste-to-energy facilities; and clean green energy projects involving hydro, wind and solar.
  • Environmental facilities: Pollution control facilities, including sewage and solid-waste disposal facilities; water banking facilities; irrigation and drainage facilities.
  • Housing: Affordable housing, including both non-profit and for-profit multi-family housing projects with low and moderate-income set-aside requirements; single-family housing for low and moderate-income families.
  • Land development: Public Infrastructure development by municipal utility districts, public improvement districts, assessment districts and Mello-Roos community facilities districts.
  • Municipal utilities: Water treatment, supply and distribution systems; wastewater treatment and disposal systems; solid waste disposal facilities; water banking and irrigation distribution systems and facilities.
  • Public safety: Police stations; Fire stations and fire suppression apparatus.
  • Recreational improvements: Public golf courses, waterfront development and marina projects, parks, open space and other such recreational projects.
  • Schools: Public elementary and high schools; community colleges; including campuses, performing art centers, laboratories, gymnasiums, high technology, libraries and instructional facilities.
  • Student loans: All types of student loan programs.
  • Transportation: Roads, bridges, transit, aviation hangars and other airport facilities, harbor and port facilities, etc.

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