Making any Public Financing Transaction go

Underwriters Counsel

Underwriters Counsel Serving Investment Banking Firms

At The Weist Law Firm, we have been representing public entities, trustees, remarketing agents and underwriters in public financings in California and throughout the United States for over two decades. We have the knowledge, experience and proven record of accomplishment to represent any investment-banking firm involved in underwriting or remarketing a municipal bond or other public financing transaction.

Typical Duties of Underwriters Counsel

As underwriter's counsel, we guide and protect the investment banking institution at each critical juncture, including the structuring, purchasing, and re-selling of the municipal securities to its retail and institutional clients. Underwriter protection duties can include:

  • Reviewing (and many times, preparing) disclosure statements and agreements, such as the continuing disclosure agreement
  • Preparing and reviewing the bond purchase contract
  • Preparing and reviewing agreements among multiple underwriters
  • Determining the lawfulness of municipal securities offerings
  • Reviewing (and many times, preparing) the official statement or other offering or reoffering memorandum
  • Investigating or reviewing the representations of issuers in disclosure documents
  • Ensuring that the underwriters due diligence obligations are met
  • Preparing due diligence opinions addressed to the underwriter
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance

Protecting Our Client through Experience and Effective Communication

In all these matters, we ensure that our clients position is secure and that their financial and legal interests are upheld. We use our vast experience to ask and answer questions, identify potential problems and compliance issues, and generally ensure that the transaction proceeds smoothly.

This is possible in part because of our long-standing relationships with various other parties to public finance transactions. In addition to serving as underwriters counsel, our firm represents banks, credit providers and issuers of bonds and other financial instruments. Our firm maintains strong connections with a variety of professionals in the field including bond insurance providers and rating agencies. Such associations make it easy for us to communicate effectively across the various teams involved in public financings.

If you need effective representation to protect your companys interests in a public securities offering, consider The Weist Law Firm. Contact us online or call us at 831-438-7900.