Making any Public Financing Transaction go


Welcome to The Weist Law Firm. Since our founding by municipal law and public finance lawyer Cameron A. Weist over 20 years ago, we have forged a reputation as being a respected leader in the area of public finance and municipal bond law. Our success is due to our local commitment, statewide presence and national standing as a law firm trusted for solid, practical advice and a history of successful and client-driven innovative financings, including Build America Bonds and Tax Credit Bonds.

We have worked on virtually every type of municipal improvement project imaginable, and we are consequently trusted by large and sophisticated issuers. Some of the large bond issuers we work with include state and federal agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development, the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Authority (on behalf of the California Department of Transportation), the Sacramento Transportation Authority, the Denver International Airport and the Salinas Valley State Prison.

In short, we bring our trusted nationwide reputation, as well as our substantial resources and expertise to bear for each financing project we undertake.

Our Services

Our firm is typically engaged as either bond counsel, disclosure counsel, underwriter’s counsel or trustees counsel. We also represent clients in connection with interest rate swaps and other synthetic or derivative financial products used in conjunction with tax-exempt instruments.

Our Clients

We represent a variety of different types of governmental entities including cities, counties, redevelopment agencies, water agencies, sanitary districts, irrigation districts, port authorities, harbor districts, utility districts, school districts and community colleges throughout California.

Although the client is typically the municipality as an entity, we interface with, and answer to “staff,” being the city managers and city administrators, county administrators, finance directors, treasures, executive directors, general managers and redevelopment directors, who, in turn, take their direction from corresponding boards of directors, boards of supervisors and city councils.

We understand and relish our roll of helping “staff” succeed. The standard we uphold is to earn our clients' confidence on the first matter and to keep earning it on every matter thereafter.

Experienced, Knowledgeable and Flexible

To complement The Weist Law Firm’s expertise in the municipal law, securities law and tax law aspects of public finance, we are also educated and trained in several branches of economics, urban and regional planning, public policy, business administration, operations research, demography, accounting, finance and real estate. These skills are applied to a broad array of financing projects and programs, and address such issues as infrastructure development, economic development, development feasibility, policy research, strategic planning, program and project financing evaluation.

This depth and breadth of expertise enables The Weist Law Firm to better serve and protect our public finance clients’ interests — ranging from the most complex to the simplest and most traditional public finance transactions.

Our extensive experience with a variety of financing techniques, and our expertise in the myriad of legal issues, including federal tax law, securities law, and state statutory and constitutional provisions, enable us to assist our clients in meeting their financing goals, and providing financial solutions that serve both the immediate and long-term best interests of each client.

We are also acutely aware of the time constraints facing each new project, and take a great deal of pride in our ability to be responsive to a client’s needs for agility and speed in concluding a transaction. We strive to take advantage of market conditions whenever it would be advantageous and we make every effort to complete a project as quickly as possible.

Please feel free to contact the Los Gatos, California, office of The Weist Law Firm to discuss your project and municipal financing needs. You can call us at 831-438-7900 or contact us online.